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We HV Social Media offer expert Pay-Per-Click Advertising in New York and throughout the country that has helped clients manage their PPC Campaigns toward their goals. From Online Paid Advertising like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to the Funnel Build-Outs, we can help our clients reach their buyers on the paid platforms that are most effective.

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When running our PPC campaign, you choose when and where your ads need to appear based on the number of factors such as keywords, location, website, etc., And this flexibility allows you to segment your market and bring your product or service to the right audience.


With our PPC Advertising, your goal of getting higher conversions is significantly made easier. We take full control over the budget, cost per click, cost per impression, and specific ad distribution so that we can increase the conversion rates while maintaining expenses.

Whether you have a lot to spend or are on a limited budget, you will not waste a penny of it. We at HV Social Media of New York make sure that you only pay for impressions and clicks that are relevant to your business. And as a result, you can lower your marketing costs and get incredible results.

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Grow Your Business Using Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Google Adwords Setup and Management

Do you want to get more traffic and qualified leads with online paid advertising? Google Adwords can be the premier platform for it.

Google Ads is an excellent way for businesses to increase traffic to their websites quickly. For many businesses in New York and throughout the world, running a Google Ads Campaign can be extremely fruitful for increasing web traffic. Leads, and sales, but setting up can be highly time-intensive. And that is why we recommend using our Google Ads Setup and Management services to ensure that the campaign is run by a dedicated expert who can continually optimize for efficiency.

Our Google Adwords Setup and Management Services include:
  • Google Search Campaigns
  • Google Display Campaigns
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns
  • Full-Service Management & Reporting
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image of bing ads

Bing Ads Setup and Management

Whether you would like to set up Bing Ads Campaign from scratch or redesign an existing one? We can help you with both.

To reach your targeted audience, you need a platform. We have a team of PPC Experts in New York who have years of experience in creating and optimizing Bing Ads Campaigns to reach your right audience at the right time. With our Bing Ads Campaigns, we can help you get in front of your potential customers, add a new stream of income, and get higher ROI.

Our Bing Ads Setup and Management Services include:
  • Search Campaigns
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Full-Service Management & Reporting

Facebook and Instagram Ads Management

Need help in growing your audience, engagement, traffic, and sales with Facebook and Instagram Ads? We do it for you!

We know that most of your customers are on Facebook and Instagram. Now, it is the right time to meet your customers where they are. We build and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaigns in New York and throughout the country with a laser-focused ROI based on your business goals. No matter if you want to get more leads, increase sales, or build brand awareness, we can help.

Our Facebook & Instagram Ads Setup and Management Services include:
  • Campaign Creation
  • Audience Creation
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • List Building
  • Full-Service Management & Reporting
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Marketers who use remarketing ads see a higher ROI than from the other digital marketing channels.

Remarketing is so effective because it focuses on advertising that is spent on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently shown interest in buying your product or service. However, our remarketing campaigns on varied platforms such as Facebook, Google Display Network, Buy/Sell Ads, Programmatic Advertising, etc., can add a great benefit for marketers since it increases conversion rates, boosts traffic, improves ROI and saves marked-up costs.

YouTube Advertising and Management

YouTube Ads Campaign can reach the people who are interested in what you have to offer

YouTube presents a unique opportunity to tell your story in terms of advertising in an innovative way. We create YouTube Ads that can help increase views on your YouTube channel, build brand awareness, and send potential customers to your website. When you choose our YouTube Advertising Campaign, you will not just reach a huge audience, but you will reach a huge engaged audience. However, we also create YouTube Remarketing campaigns to reach your viewers with videos.

image of youtube
image of funnel build-outs

Funnel Build-Outs

Creating scalable and proven growth for online businesses with the perfect funnel build-outs

To make huge profits from the sales funnels, you must have the right tools and technology. In that case, we can provide you the right arsenal to build profitable sales funnel quickly and make your business stand out from the competitors in New York and throughout the country, resulting in getting high-quality leads that can be converted with ease. If necessary, we can create a quality funnel landing page that can make all the differences in your conversion rates.

Google Analytics Tracking and Setup

Google Analytics is an easy and effective way to track your website and campaign results.

Without being able to analyze your web traffic, how you will be able to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Using Google Analytics, you can gain valuable insights to enhance your marketing strategies. At HV Social Media of New York, we will work with you and your team to ensure that your Google Analytics account is set up correctly and it is tracking the business metrics that mean most to you.

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