5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

Staying aware of the latest social media marketing trends allows you to craft compelling content that engages your followers and ensures people are actually listening to your messaging. From the rise of live video to the creative use of expiration dates and even a dash of augmented reality, here’s what’s hot in social media as we approach the halfway point of 2017.

Content with an Expiration Date

Snapchat leads the way on this one; by allowing content to expire relatively rapidly creates a sense of urgency - -the viewer has to watch now, or it could disappear forever. Providing content with an expiration date on social media, whether it is a video, infographic or image that will expire within a set limit of time or an offer, coupon or download that is only available for a short time compels users to click, buy or play now. Expect to see more content that arrives with an expiration date in mind; Instagram Stories already capitalizes on this technique and other channels are sure to follow suit.

Live, Realtime Video

If 2016 was the year of the video, 2017 is turning into the year of the live video stream. From everyday people who live stream on Facebook to businesses who stream events, debut new features and launch contests, live contintues to be a big trend in 2017. Part of the preference for live footage could be the rise of fake news; viewers who watch live may be seeking “the real thing” without the risk of being misled.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

It may not still be captivating everyone you know, but Pokemon Go opened doors for the use of virtual and augmented reality in every form of marketing, inluding social media. Facebook already acquired virtual reality innovator Oculus; both AR and VR engagement, advertisitn and marketing campaighs are likely heading your way soon. Augmetned reality is most useful in conjunction with a physical environmnet; expect big brands to offer increased AR opportunities in stores and physical locations – and to showcase these opportunities on their social media channels.

Mobile First

Google’s strong preference for mobile first content and increased value placed on social media search and posts can’t be ignored. Mobile traffic and usage is hotter than ever and social media marketing campaigns are increasingly aligned with the needs of the mobile consumer.

Increased Reliance on Automation

Increased interest in customized, personalized messaging and social media marketing means businesses simply can’t cope with all the tasks involved alone. Look to automation to make it easier to personalize messages and engage with followers. AI continues to become more sophisticated and an automated campaign allows you to track and serve content to multiple levels of users at once. Welcome the new arrivals, make sure your current followers are engaged and even tempt lost followers back into the fold; AI allows you to run multiple marketing campaigns with ease.

From serving up live, real time video to offering new technology like virtual reality and even boosting interaction with automation, there are plenty of new things to watch as the halfway point of 2017 draws near. Keeping an eye on the hottest trends in social media marketing ensures you don’t fall behind and that you are always on the cutting edge when it comes to reaching your prospects.