Digital Marketing for HRT Providers

digital marketing for hrt providers

If you are a hormone replacement therapy clinic or practice, you need to get the word out to the public about your services. HV Social Media can help you become synonymous with HRT in your area, whether you practice in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Miami or anywhere in the U.S.

Hormone replacement therapy has long been associated with menopausal women, but if your practice treats men, it’s doubly important that your potential patients know that this incredible therapy is just as useful for them as it is for their wives and girlfriends.

We create powerful digital marketing campaigns targeting men and women that get results.

Internet Marketing for Hormone Replacement Therapy Providers

HRT marketing is a really niche area. While it’s not critical to be as discreet with this therapy as it is with digital marketing or pay-per-click advertising for issues such as erectile dysfunction, HRT is still a medical issue and requires a strategy that differs from more typical campaigns for industries such as banking or retail.

HV Social Media is the leading internet marketing service in New York for medical providers, and that’s why we’re the experts to turn to when your business is HRT.

We understand how hormone replacement therapy can change lives. For women, HRT restores the estrogen and progesterone they lose during menopause, relieving them of sometimes-debilitating symptoms such as insomnia and hot flashes. It also helps restore sexual function, allowing them to once again indulge in pain-free sex.

Furthermore, women who have not tried HRT may be unaware that the treatment differs for different menopausal issues, as well as other factors such as if they have had a partial or total hysterectomy. They also might not understand how HRT can improve their overall health. These are all issues our digital advertising agency highlight to attract patients to your clinic or practice.

PPC Marketing: HRT for Men

Many people are unaware the hormone replacement therapy for men exists. Men are proven to be highly interested in products that help restore their youth, as is proven by their purchasing habits for products to treat erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Men are a hugely untapped market for HRT.

When we create digital marketing campaigns for HRT for men, we highlight how doses of testosterone can help with sexual function and building muscle, among other benefits. HRT is a middle-aged man’s secret weapon!

Medical Digital Marketing Leader

Doctors and other practitioners running hormone replacement therapy clinics or practices in New York or anywhere in the U.S. will be more successful if they work with a digital marketing agency with a proven track record in medical campaigns, such as HV Social Media.

Call us today to find out how PPC and digital advertising can broaden your practice, get you noticed and improve your bottom line.