Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgery

digital marketing for cosmetic surgery

COVID-19 has changed a lot in the lives of those who live in the U.S., and especially so in New York, where living conditions are crowded. Because for the most part, others cannot see you during quarantine and social distancing, many people have opted to dispense with makeup and hairstyling. But for the same reason, they have chosen now to get cosmetic procedures done. Thus, this is the perfect time for cosmetic surgeons to invest in new digital marketing campaigns to help steer the flow to their practice.

Why Cosmetic Surgery Now?

One of the downsides of cosmetic surgery has always been the recovery time. While recovery can be painful, it’s more the swelling and bruising that concern patients. The pain is short-lived and easily managed with medication. But it can take weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside. With surgery on the face, patients can find it hard to hide from the public.

But not now! Most people are still not back to work in an office setting where people can see them. They may have meetings over Zoom, but they can join without video, and no one will see them. It’s the perfect time to get cosmetic surgery, because patients will be completely healed before any in-person meetings resume.

What’s more, if they need to go out to the grocery store or pharmacy during their recovery, they don’t have to worry about people seeing their bruises because they will have to wear a mask.

While bruising and swelling are definitely not attractive, what’s worse for many patients is the fact they want to keep their procedures private. They prefer that others think they just got a good night’s sleep or lost a few pounds rather than know they underwent cosmetic surgery.

Digital Marketing Services in New York

Cosmetic surgery is in greater demand in cities in which it is important to be attractive and look young. Whether your patient is a model, an actress or a CEO, they seek out your services so they will be better able to compete with their peers.

But cosmetic surgeons must compete too — they must compete for patients who want to look and feel more beautiful. As a cosmetic surgeon, you need an internet marketing agency to help you craft the perfect ad campaign to attract new patients during COVID.

Internet Marketing with HV Social Media

HV Social Media is the premier digital marketing agency for specialized medical professionals in New York. We plan and craft careful, impactful marketing campaigns, designed to attract and keep new patients.

Our digital marketing agency specializes in helping cosmetic surgeons gain new ground with a variety of techniques, including pay-per-click advertising. PPC advertising in New York is a way to get your practice to the front of the line, without having to wait your turn. It takes time to earn organic clicks, but if you don’t want to wait, PPC advertising is the way to go.

Contact HV Social Media today to find out how our digital marketing agency can help your cosmetic surgery practice get new patients and increase your bottom line.