Content Marketing for Hudson Valley Businesses

The future of marketing lies in producing quality content that customers and potential customers actually want to read, watch or subscribe to, and that's what we can do for you. It's called content marketing, and it's more important to the livelihood of your business than you think.  

Companies once bought space on billboards and in magazines. They ran ads in newspapers and sent mailers out to potential customers via U.S. Postal Service to introduce their goods and services. Later, they sent unsolicited emails, hoping blindly that news of their fabulous 50-percent-off sale would be opened by at least a small percentage of the customers they approached. This was all done in the hopes that sales, or conversions, would happen. Back then, they called it advertising. Today, we just call it quaint. 

Today's successful marketers use online and mobile content. They create interesting articles, blog posts, video posts and podcasts that reach out to your target audience and reel them in by connecting through common interests. 

What Makes Quality Content? 

Quality content is well-written. It reads well both online and via mobile devices. This means it's easy to scan by eye, features short paragraphs and is relatable to your audience. Quality content uses:

  • Bullet points
  • Images or graphics
  • Keywords
  • Bolded subheads
  • Strong ledes
  • Thoughtful conclusions

And in-between, it tells a story that impacts your target audience. Maybe it answers an important question for a new mom concerning the best brand of disposable diapers to buy for babies who have sensitive skin. Or, maybe it lists five ways for struggling families to stretch their grocery budget. Quality content can enlighten. It can entertain. It can surprise or alarm your audience. One or all of these are suitable, so long as they're impacting the people who care about the topic. 

What Makes Content Marketing Effective? 

There are several prerequisites to creating and sharing quality content successfully:

  • You must know who your target audience is. Are you selling acne cream to males between the ages of 11 and 16? Or, maybe you have a small, home-based business that specializes in homemade, organic dog treats. If so, you're probably targeting people who own dogs that are prone to allergies. Once you know your audience, you can then write the content they want to read. 
  • You must follow the rules of Google. If you're placing content online, you must please Google; there's no way around it. This means posting articles that are no less than 300 words in length, that use a moderate amount of keywords that relate to your business and that include share links to all the major social media platforms.
  • You must be able to engage your audience immediately. The majority of online content is scanned, not perused. Quality content makes its point right away -- in the first sentence. The rest is just icing on the cake. 

When you're ready to begin building your brand and encouraging conversions, We're here to help. Our content marketing campaigns are pertinent, they're relevant, and they'll draw customers in. And once your business is on the radar, conversions won't be far behind. 


HV Social Media are content experts

If you're struggling to create content that engages with your audience and provides real value, the expert content marketers at HV Social Media are here to help. We have the experience and the know-how to identify your audience, understand their needs and wants, and craft the perfect content to convey your brand's identity.