digital marketing for erectile dysfunction
If you’re a specialized medical practice in New York — or anywhere in the U.S. — that treats patients with erectile dysfunction, you know how important it is to advertise discreetly. It may seem like an oxymoron, but here at HV Social Media, we’re the experts in discreet digital marketing. We’re lucky that here in the U.S., we have become more able to discuss important topics that had previously been taboo, such as plastic surgery,
digital marketing for cosmetic surgery
COVID-19 has changed a lot in the lives of those who live in the U.S., and especially so in New York, where living conditions are crowded. Because for the most part, others cannot see you during quarantine and social distancing, many people have opted to dispense with makeup and hairstyling. But for the same reason, they have chosen now to get cosmetic procedures done. Thus, this is the perfect time for cosmetic surgeons to invest
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digital marketing for banks
The banking industry presents special marketing challenges. That’s why it’s always smart to let a digital marketing agency that has previous experience with banks handle your ad campaigns and social media. HV Social Media has years of experience providing a suite of marketing services for banks in New York and throughout the U.S. And as complex as digital marketing for banks has been in the 21st century, COVID-19 has brought new challenges no one could
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digital marketing for dentists
There’s a lingering belief in the medical practice that doctors and dentists shouldn’t be on Facebook. That they’re too serious, too educated, too legit. Nonsense. No one is too good for Facebook. The Dalai Lama is on Facebook. He has 14 million likes on a recent post. So let’s not underestimate the power of Facebook and digital marketing. Now you know you need to be on Facebook. But how do you get started? Determine Your
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Digital Marketing Tactics
The term “strategy” or “tactics” might seem intimidating, but building an effective digital marketing strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. A successful strategy is just a plan of action to achieve the desired goal or multiple goals. Digital marketing these days depends upon different kinds of audience interactions with varied sorts of online selling. It revolves around managing and harnessing of various sorts of digital marketing channels. And sometimes they might be a bit difficult
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Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to build awareness and interest in your brand/product/services. Facebook allows you to tap into its network to find and target the ideal pool of customers for you. If you can get them to be cost-efficient, that is. To do so, here are four ways to get more clicks on your ads. Make your headlines super-explicit Headlines draw in the most consideration in your ad promotion. Content
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Landing page mistakes that cost leads
We understand that for business owners, it’s ultimately your bottom line that drives marketing decisions. The simple fact is most people still don’t realize how much difference landing pages can make to their overall lead generation strategy. This group may include you, but that’s okay – it means you have a huge opportunity to start generating more leads by making a few small tweaks. Getting an ad click but not optimizing the conversion funnel Getting
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Google My Business
Do you want customers to find your business on Google? Do you want to stand out from your local competitors? If yes is your answer, then Google My Business might be the best tool that suits your small business needs. Before stepping into the guide, let us start by understanding what Google My Business actually is? Google My Business is a free tool designed by Google that allows Small Business Owners to set up a
SEO Success Metrics
Your competitors are ahead of you in this digital world using SEO strategies. Are you? While everyone understands they need an SEO strategy, many of us still struggle to create one that is effective and comprehensive. To measure your SEO success, you need to be clear about your goals for website traffic. Three metrics, in particular, are very useful: Traffic Retention Website traffic retention is vital to keep visitors engaged on your website after generating traffic through
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lead generation
No leads, No customers, No sales, No revenue= Business flop If you’re a small business owner, the next question which strikes in your mind will be… Why every small business owner needs an effective Lead Generation strategy? If this is your query, I can help you out! Looking to generate more leads for your Small Business? If yes, then your search ends here! Here, I’ve put together a few lead generation tactics that are proven
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Digital Marketing Benefits
In the last decade or so the world has shown a paradigm shift from the analog era to digital era. The Internet has rapidly become a part and parcel of our lifestyle and we can’t think of doing without it even for a day. Digital marketing has taken its place so fast that almost a staggering 78% of business owners are completely depending on digital marketing strategies. Let’s see how digital marketing will be a boon
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Facebook Ads for Local Businesses
There are a lot of different ways to advertise your local business on Facebook. If you are not experienced with Facebook ads or online ads in general, you might be wondering if Facebook ads are worth it. The short answer is yes – they are. But you have to know how to properly utilize them to get the most bang for your buck. Why should you advertise your local business on Facebook? People don’t use
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